No alcohol can be brought into the venue, with the exception Cromer Hall*, Norfolk. There will be a licensed bar on site, set at reasonable prices. We reserve the right to carry out security searches at entry gates, if required.

Water and soft drink allowance is limited to 2 liters per person. However, all beverages must be sealed on arrival. Any open containers will be confiscated on entry.

*Alcohol is allowed at Cromer Hall, Norfolk in the following maximum quantities:

You may bring up to:

- 2ltrs of alcohol under 16% proof per person. 

- Neat spirits are not permitted on site but premixed drinks are allowed.

- No more than 2ltrs per person.

- No restriction on bottled water or soft drink

Plastic or glass bottles of spirits are not allowed.

You may bring this with you on first time entry to the arena only. There is NO RE-ENTRY with alcohol. The licence states that no glass is to be brought onto site for safety reasons. No opened bottles can be brought on to site – you may bring sealed plastic bottles of water or soft drinks. Any opened bottles will be confiscated on entry to the event. Glass bottles are permitted at Cromer and Poole.